This operation cannot be completed

Working with the software developers is a fun which sometimes can extend your professional learning. I was being called from one of technical lead in my company and he was facing an issue after deleting an item from his development solution connected with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and now, once he was trying to add again the same file with same name and issue popups with an Error This operation cannot be completed. The complete error was as under;
"This operation cannot be completed. You are attempting to move or rename a source-controlled item where either an item of the same name already exists or the item is exclusively locked elsewhere or the item path is invalid"
I was struggling with him and we were unable to see the file on our local folder but once we try to add the file again, it shows same strange error as below;
We obviously searched this error over the internet and found some marvelous solutions. I am writing these below to include maximum solutions but the vary first solutions worked in our scenario.

Solution 1:

  • It might be very interesting but please try to Check In your pending Changes and it resolved our issue.

Solution 2:

One of the great learning edge was to rename the file from command line and here is the link to explore.

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