Remove Category from WordPress Website URL

Search Engine Optimization or sometime some other website and blog requirement to remove category from WordPress website URL. The purpose of writing this tutorial is that I also need this for this blog as some times Post URLs becomes extra ordinary long which neither search engines like nor me and never ever any SEO Professional.
It is quite easy, if you have only this requirement, because WordPress CMS, which is off course a powerful CMS, provide this functionality without any extra ordinary WordPress development requirements. It’s really straight forward as under to remove category from WordPress.
In this example, I have a URL before like this: and I need to remove category from this URL and need to create a URL like this: , let’s do this as under;

Remove category from WordPress website URL

To remove category from WordPress website URL, you need to login on your WordPress website and on Dashboard, just do as under step by step;
  • Login on your WordPress Admin with your Administration Account.
  • In Dashboard Section, Click on the Settings Menu.
  • Click on Permalink under Settings Menu and this will take you the Permalink Settings page.
  • Click on Custom Structure and type "/%category%/%postname%
  • Move to “Category Base” Text box and type a simple dot ( . ) in the box.
  • Click on Save Changes and Check with your Blog.


This will remove Category from the URLs where category is created but this will also add category before your post.


How to Achieve remove category from WordPress website URL is the questions comes after this, you have to install a plugin called Remove Category URL on your WordPress and Just need to active it. This will automatically remove Category from the WordPress Blog.

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