Outdated entry in the DNS cache

I always experience this error during the remote desktop connection and the great reason behind this Outdated entry in the DNS cache is most often due to "The Remote Desktop Initiator, Does Not Restarted computer since so long". I am writing this to help you people with easy solution. Once you tried Remote Desktop which is obviously working for someone else but you are getting this error;
The connection cannot be completed because the remote computer that was reached is not the one you specified. This could be caused by an outdated entry in the DNS cache. Try using the IP address of the computer instead of the name.

Outdated entry in the DNS cache

This error also can be seen in below screenshot because I want to make it clear that you are facing this exactly the same issue, which I am talking about. Please have a review on below image;

Outdated DNS Cache Error

Before you proceed to solve the issue, I think being a good IT Professional or even the best end user, you must first make sure the "prerequisites" before struggling with solutions available over the internet. Please check these before solutions;
  1. If both Computers are on the same Network, Please make sure that Clock (Yes) is correct on both network nodes (client machine , the remote machine)
  2. The Remote Desktop Computer , Target Computer is Power UP and Running. If possible, please double check with someone else;
  3. Client Computer (the Remote Desktop Initiator) must make sure that his computer is recently updated with DNS Server.


  1. If you consider your self and IT Professional, you need to make sure that your DNS settings are pointing to Internal DNS Server.
  2. You need to flush DNS Cache on the client computer, where you are facing the issue. For this, you can use ipconfig /flushdns command in CMD with Administrator.
  3. Once you are able to flush DNS cache, just register the DNS Server again with ipconfig /registerdns in CMD with Administrator.
  4. Sometimes, deleting the object from DNS Server also helps but, its highly depends on the scenarios.
  5. If you face any kind of issue while using these commands, simply go for the master trick "Restart your Computer" and check the issue again.

ipconfig /registerdns The requested operation requires elevation.

Some of you, might face that when you try ipconfig /registerdns command is not working and you might be facing this error,
ipconfig /registerdns
The requested operation requires elevation.
To solve this issue, please Type CMD in Start Menu and before clicking it to open, just right click on command prompt and run as administrator. Then type again ipconfig /registerdns and this will work perfectly. You are expert Now !

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