STOP C00002e3 Security Accounts Manager Initialization failed

STOP C00002e3 Security Accounts Manager Initialization failed is less critical for the person who is having this issue on a simple virtual machine or his own computer. I know, the title of this post is obviously general but if your computer is not a Domain Controller I can’t say that this solution will work for you as well.
I got this issue on my Primary Domain Controller based Windows Server 2008 and it was restarting again and again before Login screen, there was Mouse Pointer and Black Screen before restarting. Well I rectify this and troubleshoot this error in steps below;
Step 1:- Press F8 and Boot in “Last Known Good Configurations Mode” (Not working)
Step 2:- Press F8 and Boot in “Safe-Mode” (All options tried but it continues with same behavior)
Step 3:- Press F8 and Choose “Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure Option”. It gives below blue screen with following text.

STOP C00002e3 Security Accounts Manager Initialization failed

You are might be super genius who can read this without disabling automatic restart on System Failure but I was required to do this for complete graphically error. I have pasted the image and the text for better understanding;
STOP C00002e3 Security Accounts Manager Initialization failed because of the following error, A Device attached to the system is no functioning. Error Status: 0xc0000001. Please Click OK to shut down this system and reboot into Safe Mode, Check the Events log for more detailed information.
I write down all text because image is not as good. Anyhow, in my case my Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller was not booting by any means, Safe Mode, Last Know Good Configurations but there was on option I didn’t try and that was “Active Directory Restore Mode” and wow! It works for me; at least it let me to login with Local User Account / Restore Account (Not Domain Account). When I see in Events there was a lot of Events about Active Directory failures. There are few choices in this scenario (for me as well, as I have only one Domain Controller),
  1. Stop replication to other Domain Controllers.
  2. Manually Remove affected DC and Adds back after Metadata Cleanup.
  3. Repair the NTDS.dit
  4. Restore it from backup (Was the only one choice for me)
As I mentioned, I restart my Domain Controller in “Active Directory Restore Mode” and after login into Windows Server 2008, my target was to restore my Active Directory to a Previous Date, I do as;
  • Right Click on “Command Prompt” and Choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type WBADMIN /? To check complete commands list for Restores.
  • wbadmin get -version (Before using System State Recovery, you need backups versions. Where versions mean that backups time and date that successfully done and can be used to in recovery.)
  • wbadmin start systemstaterecovery –version:12/26/2011-17:30 –backupTarget:D: -machine:server1 (In my scenario, this will be the exact command to restore, I do as below)

This process takes some times but it was successful and everything was working fine after reboot. Hopefully, this will help you as well. Show yourself to encourage me for more posting , if this is helpful.

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