Microsoft Visual SourceSafe File “location-project-userss-username\ss.ini” not found

One of Network user moved in remote location and he was required to dial in VPN to access Microsoft Visual SourceSafe database. Days after his work from remote site he complains that he is getting this error “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe File location\project\userss\username\ss.ini” not found

I checked in VSS location and there were no ss.ini file and this is the file that contains information about user’s working folder path etc. Microsoft doesn’t give any solution on this issue but Google search give us two solutions;


Note: - Please backup before starting troubleshooting to your Production Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or any Database.
  1.  Go to your VSS location, where ss.ini is not found, hope there will be one or more .tmp files. greater in size .tmp file is your ss.ini file. What you just need to do is to rename it to ss.ini.
  2.  If you have backup of your VSS, just extract it to somewhere and copy required user’s ss.ini file to error indicated location.
  3. If none of the above solution fit in your location, please don’t hesitate to use this option. Just go to any other user’s folder and try copying another user’s ss.ini file and manually changing all the setting to make it work for the other user.
Hope at least one of solution will work for you. If yes, please show your presence in comments. thanks

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