How to Schedule Daily Backup with WinRAR Command Line Application – Batch File & Schedule Task

My Infrastructure Administrator was engaged to backup Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Projects (don't say something that why we are still using VSS 6.0d) and I just come to know that he is use to backup VSS with WinRAR and the most great thing is this that he always Log-in to VSS Server and right click on Folder and then give it a name and Archive it. There is nothing pathetic in this but if he forgets to backups (as his ratio to forget is high) we have no more option to restore two weeks old backup. I Just create a schedule job with WinRAR command line batch file to backup and give it a name as per his format (vssbackup-dd-mm-yy.rar) WinRAR Command line Backup

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  1. Doesn't work? I have added winrar so it now runs from cmd in any location and this is my test batch:-

    WinRAR a -r C:\backup- -agDD-MM-YY C:\Intel\Logs\*.*

    I run it and it seems to fire up winrar but there is nothing in my backup folder?