How to Add / Assign IP Address to Ethernet1 on MikroTik RouterOS CLI

MikroTik Router is a great Freeware OS for PC and they also Provide RouterBOARD as a hardware router. I am not going to tell the details about the products as these can be find on the vendor website but here is the very little tutorial about “How to add or assign IP Address to MikroTik RouterOS” and you will be surely feel great as its quite simple.

  1. Every router is factory pre-configured with IP address on ether1 port. Default username is admin with empty password.
  2. If your device has a graphics card (i.e. regular PC) simply attach a monitor to the video card connector of the computer (note: RouterBOARD products don't have this) and see what happens on the screen. You should see a login prompt like this:
I am assuming that you are already login on MikroTik RouterOS and here is the command that you need to enter on your CLI.

[admin@MikroTik] > ip address add address= interface=ether1

Just enter above command and hit enter, you have done. please show your self in comments to improve this. Thanks

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