GoToMeeting (g2mcomm.exe) - Computer Overloaded

When you are busy in client meeting and suddenly you get a message on your screen and your computer restart / shutdown automatically. No matter how good relations you have with you client or even you family. you feel bad. While using GoToMeeting, you may have faced this issue that you get this error;

Your Computer is overloaded
Would you like to hide all webcams and stop sharing your webcam if you are doing so?

I face this issue on couple of old desktop computers having old processor/technologies. I wasn’t sure at the beginning that it is because of some malware or it’s because of GoToMeeting (g2mcomm.exe). During Troubleshooting I come to know that g2mcomm.exe is consuming too much processor and its high on Task Manager Processes.
Obviously, I read a lot on Internet and come to know that g2mcomm.exe can be stopped. Computer Restart before meeting was also suggested, Closing other application that use internet and audio/video was also recommended but all are only good for normal meetings of sale persons or if sometimes these solutions don’t work.

Low internet speed matters a lot while using GoToMeeting and “Computer Overloaded” Message is only because of Two Reasons

1. Low Internet Speed
2. Bad Processor / Incompatible Processor

Many of you hopefully already decided that cause must be clear but who left, please note carefully that if you don’t have internet speed issue please try to upgrade CPU (Processor) or have a try on some other computer. This error is not because of any Operating System or Malware Type. It’s only because of Low Internet Speed while using more Video Calls or Low Processing capability of CPU. So you need to consider two things;

1. Internet Speed
2. CPU / Processor Up gradation


If you are able to resolve this issue in any other way, please share your feedback

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