Event ID: 14158 Source: Microsoft Forefront TMG Firewall - How to change intra-array address in TMG 2010

In my organization, we are privious using Microsoft ISA Server 2006 ENT for proxy and gateway purpose. There are two website published on ISA 2006 Server and I install Microsoft TMG 2010, this morning. When I was making installations and configurations of my New Microsoft TMG 2010 Firewall Server with but when I replace server with my existing Microsoft ISA Server 2006 and change Internal IP to my privous gateway IP, Microsoft TMG 2010 start showing events with ID 14158 and Configurations Error with

"Description: The IP address specified for communication between this Forefront TMG computer ( and other array members is not bound to a network adapter installed on this computer. The IP address specified for intra-array communication must be bound to a network adapter installed on the computer."

Event ID 14158

Solution - 1: (Easy One)
  1. Management Console: Start > All Programs > Microsoft Forefront TMG > Microsoft Forefront TMG > Forefront TMG Management >
    • In Forefront TMG Management console > Firewall Policy > Side Panel click on Network Objects > Computer Sets > Double click on Array Servers and Changed IP address to current Internal (client gateway address) IP Address of local Server.
  2. SQL Server Network Setting: Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server (2008) > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for MSFW/ISARS -> TCP/IP -> IP Addresses (TAB),
    • You also need to restart your "SQL Server Service".
  3. Registry Settings: Start > RUN > type regedit and Press Enter.
    • search msFPCIntraArrayAddress in registry and double click on every msFPCIntraArrayAddress and change IP addres to your current local system IP address (where TMG is installed)
Hope this will solve your problem, lets talk in commments furthter

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