Error 711 - Cannot load the Remote Access Connection Manager Service Windows 7

Microsoft Windows is really great and error comes in Windows in such a way that is totally unexpected by all means, can you really imagine that your System or a Services stop working because of its Log Files? Ahhh ! Log Files are mostly being generated by a software to get information about a program for it behaves, is it ? Well, I come across a Solution in Microsoft that Log Files was creating troubles for VPN Services. Today morning, a user call me that he is unable to dial VPN Server and user was really complaining that he left system last night while everything was working fine and he was conscious that it might be a cause that a day before we have fix an other Microsoft issue about connection diagnose problem in IE-8 and because of that experiment with Windows leads this error and error was as under;
“Error 711: The operation could not finish because it could not start the Remote Access Connection Manager Service in time. Please try the operation again.”
Although his complaint was genuine but i wasn’t agree and we uninstall Microsoft SE from the system, and Install AVAST, run a Virus Scan on that System but all it was only a wastage of time. What mostly help me in this issue is as under and hopefully one of them will work for you;
Solutions :-
1. This problem can occur if some or all of the following services aren’t started – try to start [Read More ....]:

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  1. Well done! I did as you said, I firstly renamed RtBackup to 'RtBackup1' rebooted the machine and a new RtBackup was created! I then opened the Event Viewer that had previously reported 'error could not start' and this time it started normally.

    RtBackup had all the 7 files this time whereas before it only had the two files.
    I then deleted the old 'RtBackup1' folder.

    Then created my VPN and voilá I was connected to my new IP.